Founded by Connie Mellors in 1990 when she was asked by award-winning commercial director Patrick Kelly to represent him on the west coast; Connie took the bait and the rest is history. Having come from an acting background, it felt like another role at first but soon it took off as she became one of the first independent reps in the business and has never looked back - well almost never.  Six years ago, Ellen Dempsey walked in the door to fill in part-time and never left.  Ellen comes from a more traditional advertising background and the combination of their sensibilities makes for a lovely balanced and  very effective team. We take pride in the people we represent being hand picked by us for their honesty, artistry and professionalism.  We are grateful for the trust each of our clients places in us, and we never cease to be inspired by their creativity.

Connie Mellors
Connie was busy with her acting career when friend and director Patrick Kelly (hall of famer for Federal Express) threw her a real curve ball by asking her to represent him on the west coast. “I didn’t even know what that was! But then I thought - I bet it’s everything I ever wanted an agent to do for me that they never did. I CAN DO THIS!” And sure enough, next thing she was flying first class to New York with the ad agency to shoot the first package of spots she booked for Patrick. “It was addicting! As much as I loved being in front of the camera or on the stage, I totally loved being involved in making it all happen.”  There is a simpatico she has with her directors…she knows what it’s like to wait for that phone call.   







Ellen Dempsey
Ellen moved to California from Maryland where she had been a partner in an advertising and design agency. Craving more sunshine and proximity to family, she ended up in LA and through a mutual friend, met Connie while looking for part-time work. Still not quite sure what she wanted to do ultimately, she took to repping like a little duck to water and that is all she wrote as they say. Her fantastic work ethic, intelligence and very buttoned-up nature just clicked with her new job as a rep.
She loves the whole process and never loses her lovely Irish cool…even when all four dogs are underfoot, while she’s simultaneously on the phone with a client, making a link, looking at schedules, and trying to eat her lunch. She just takes a breath, lights a scented candle and peace reigns in the office once again.




Madison Mellors
Goldendoodle Madison takes his job as “mail boy” very seriously and doesn’t relax until after the Postman has made his delivery and Maddy has duly notified everyone in the office that the mail is here. What would we do without him?









Bridget Mellors
Maltese Bridget works as “canine office manager”. Her four-legged colleagues are all 10 times her size, and so for Bridgey that means they need constant supervision and herding. Chaos would reign we are sure if Bridget was not so diligently keeping everyone in line.









Diva Dempsey
Bordeaux rescue Diva is the senior citizen of the group. She is Mama Bear to all her furry colleagues and is always available for a calming cuddle when the stress becomes too much. For Connie and Ellen, the white noise of Diva’s slow and steady snoring is as calming as a lavender candle.








Pumpkin Dempsey
Bordeaux rescue puppy Pumpkin is the newest addition to the office and is working hard to earn her “stripes” as the Office Intern. She dutifully studies what her colleagues are doing and tries hard to emulate them – or as hard as her puppy-ADD will allow…